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Posted By DEMILEC || 2-Apr-2011

Spray foam insulationMorgan Carter, owner of Spray Right, Inc. in Adkins, Texas, is the proud father of a two year old boy, Ty Morgan Carter, as well as, two newborns. On February 18th, 2011, Lane Ryan Carter, a healthy baby boy, came into this world at 18 ½ inches, weighing 6 lbs., 10 ounces. Preceding Lane Carter’s birth by almost a month, Morgan and wife Lindsay added a second spray foam rig to their growing family business with a gooseneck’s length of 32 feet and two Graco E-30 Reactors, ready to spray.

Before Morgan Carter founded Spray Right, Inc., in 2006, he attended Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas where he met future wife Lindsay Pollok. Morgan majored in Kinesiology and was a left-handed pitcher for TLU’s Baseball Team, the Bulldogs. Lindsay earned her degree in Education and currently teaches sixth grade Language Arts for Navarro Middle School in Geronimo, Texas. The two married in June of 2005 shortly before Morgan heard about spray foam through his younger brother’s friend who worked for a local spray foam contractor in the San Antonio area. After a little research, Morgan found DEMILEC (USA) and contacted former representative Michael Pierce. He learned of an upcoming Applicator Training Course scheduled for the following week in Arlington and signed up, never looking back.

“Always take pride in your work,” said Morgan’s father. These words have instilled in Morgan a successful attitude and a remarkable discipline that has been carried throughout Spray Right, Inc. From the beginning, Morgan enjoyed selling spray foam because “It provides significant improvements in energy efficiency and monthly savings that my customers can take to the bank. This is a product that I can stand behind.”

Morgan took his new enterprise to the streets. First in Austin, he swiftly picked up traction from homebuilders and homeowners alike. He established a solid customer base and before long his reputation had spread to include San Antonio contracts and plenty of business along the I-35 corridor, embracing towns like New Braunfels and San Marcos. Morgan could not have done this alone, but with the help of a few good men and one amazing woman the business quickly built steam. Father-in-law Leroy Pollok aided Spray Right in getting off the ground with sales, production management, and by providing a vital hand in the assembly of their first rig. Foreman Terry Sluder has been a critical part of Morgan’s team since day one, and has performed every facet of the business. Lead spray tech Roque Alvarado has earned his stripes as one of the most proficient sprayers in the business, putting in thousands of hours behind the gun, on jobsites around central Texas. Finally, Morgan describes his most important team member and life partner, Lindsay Carter. “She has been the backbone of our business allowing us to grow and thrive to where we are now.”

A few notable jobs you will find on the Spray Right resume’ include a 40,000 ft² crawlspace; insulated, air sealed, and protected from moisture with Demilec’s 2 lb closed-cell product Heatlok Soy 200 on a new Samsung Electronics facility in San Antonio. Another project is a 30,000 ft² food distribution warehouse for HEB grocery stores where Morgan and his crew applied 5.5 inches of Demilec’s 0.5 lb open-cell Sealection 500 to the underside of the metal roof assembly. Today this application protects millions of dollars of food inventory from spoiling in the hot Texas sun. Spray Right was also called to insulate a noteworthy residential build in Blanco, Texas, where they installed both Sealection 500 and Heatlok Soy 200 on a house measuring over 21,000 ft².
Experience, integrity, workmanship, and the right people for the job are a few characteristics that have put Spray Right Inc. at the forefront of the spray foam industry in central and south Texas. Now with a second rig and a new addition to the family, Spray Right is bigger than ever and on the look-out for even more opportunities to grow.

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