Heatlok Soy 200 Featured in Sunset Magazine Container Home

Posted By DEMILEC || 29-Aug-2011

Cargotecture Recently, Demilec USA partnered with Sunset Magazine and HyBrid Architecture out of Seattle, Washington to insulate this modern home, constructed out of a retired shipping container! The container utilizes spray foam insulation, along with other energy efficient upgrades to create a comfortable, economical living environment in an extremely compact space. A container home can function as a budget home for a cost conscious consumer or as an affordable vacation home for those looking for a permanent place to get away.

Regardless of whether you think the idea of living in a container home is tempting or unappealing, there is no question that it is a cool project.

For more information on HyBrid Architecture and purchasing a container home featuring Heatlok Soy 200 Insulation, visit http://cargotecture.com/

To read more about Sunset Magazine’s container home project, click here.

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