Prevent Your Reactor from Overheating and Shutting Down.

Posted By DEMILEC || 26-Aug-2011

During summer months we see a lot of problems with the Reactors overheating and shutting down. The circuit boards have their own thermal limit sensors and will shut down if the proportioning equipment gets too hot.

One common indication that the equipment has gotten too hot is an E:05 error code; this will show up on the display panel of the Reactor.

The Reactors have a cooling fan that is built into the left side of the electrical cabinet. The fan is designed to pull air off the bottom of the Reactor through cooling ports beneath the temperature and motor control boards. Air is drawn up the back of the control boards, through the fan plenum, across the electrical motor, and exhausts out of the right side of the top shrouding.

Reactor - spray foam installationYou may experience thermal shut-down:

1. If the fan is not operational or dust has come between the fan blades and the housing.

2. The electrical cabinet door is not properly secure and fastened to the Reactor.

3. There are obstructions under the Reactor preventing air flow through the cooling ports of the Reactor electrical cabinet.

4. The Ambient conditions in or around the Reactor are too high.

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