Safety Tip - Spliced Cords and Hoses

Posted By DEMILEC || 30-Aug-2011

Spliced Cords and HosesDemilec USA encourages you to do your part in ensuring your Foam Rig is up to OSHA standards. As you can see, any kind of stripped, *spliced, torn, damaged, hardwired, or repaired electrical cords and hoses classify as a direct OSHA violation. This is a serious issue and corrective action should be taken IMMEDIATELY for the safety of your employees. In addition, you want to eliminate any risk of hefty fines tallying in thousands of dollars. For more detailed information, please visit the link provided.

Spliced Cords and HosesExtension Cords: Extension cords are convenient ways to provide power to portable equipment. However, they are often misused, resulting in injuries and expensive OSHA fines. Extension cords are intended only for temporary use with portable equipment. Extension cords may only be used for: remodeling, maintenance, repair or demolition of buildings and for temporary, holiday needs. Learn more…

Spliced Cords and Hoses*Splices: Splices are mainly used when an extension cord is damaged. In most cases splicing a damaged extension cord is not an option. Most extension cords are from14 to 16 gauge. OSHA will only allow a 12 gauge or larger cord to be spliced. Electrical tape cannot be used to splice a flexible cord. Learn more…

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