Tech Tip - Air Caps for the Fusion AP Guns

Posted By DEMILEC || 31-Dec-2011

Air Caps for the Fusion AP Guns:
air cap assembly diagram Be careful not to use a drill bit to drill debris out of the four clean-off air ports at the back of the cap. Instead use a brus air cap h from the Fusion AP brush clean out kit, part number 15D546. If debris is hardened in the air passages it may be necessary to use the supplied plastic pick to loosen the debris. The four air ports coming from the back side of the aircap are angled and are NOT designed to go all the way through to the front hole of the cap. Work on debris in the air passages from the back side o air cap f the air cap. Work on the forward ring from the front side of the air cap. The design is to direct air out of the cap in a circular motion, evenly around the air cap and across the forward end of the mixing chamber, aiding in keeping the front of the mixing chamber clean. There is also a circular inner groove that is milled in the air cap that needs to be cleaned out for the air to properly be directed around the cap, If its not cleaned out properly, air will be introduced into four direct streams and can negatively affect the spray pattern. The air adjustment screw should be snug then loosened 1/4 to a 1/2 turn for clean off air. Air cap part number 15B210.

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