Demilec (USA) LLC® Featured Contractor - Daren Degner with DEK Insulation

Posted By DEMILEC || 28-Jan-2011

Daren We here at DEMILEC (USA) LLC® are extremely excited about the work being done by our Authorized Contractors out in the field. As a testament to this excitement, we would like to highlight some of our contractors out there that are doing extraordinary work in the field of spray foam insulation, featuring Demilec products. This month, we are highlighting Daren Degner of DEK Insulation who operates of Lorena, Texas, just south of Waco. Daren has been in the spray foam business for five years and is currently running four spray foam rigs. He has been spraying Demilec products since his business began and currently uses both SEAL ECTION 500® and HEATLOK SOY 200®.

Demilec: Thank you for taking the time for an interview today Daren. Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got into the spray foam insulation business?

Daren: Well I was a district sales manager for Coca-Cola. My business partner Kevin’s dad’s house was getting foamed so we went over and watched it. It took this guy a month to foam the house and he was charging him $27,000. We figured it should have been a 4 or 5 day job. My business partner had been in the family business doing construction and we were both burnt out and wanted to do something different. And here we are today.

Demilec: What are some of the projects that you have completed that you are especially proud of?

Daren: Our projects at Fort Hood have been huge for us. We have done a lot of big buildings there, in both SEAL ECTION 500 and HEATLOK 200. Also, the McLennan Community College Emergency Services Building which is a very large building here in Waco that we did was great. It was done entirely in SEAL ECTION 500®. We also have the VA hospital in Waco coming up soon.

Demilec: What was your experience like working for the US Government when you were doing Fort Hood? How did you secure that job and how did it go?

Daren: We secured the job by reputation. They had some other companies working for them in the past with which they had some issues. Those issues with the other companies got our foot in the door. It’s a different ballgame out there. There are a lot of things that you can normally control that you can’t when you are working for the government. A lot of times it can get under your skin, but you just have to make it work.

Demilec: What do you feel is the future of spray foam?

Daren: It’s going to get larger, by far. I think that we are just now entering the growing phase of spray foam. The only thing I see right now as one of the older applicators is new contractors out there starting to really price cut the foam. The price of materials isn’t going down, the price of labor isn’t going down, insurance definitely isn’t going down and they’re still trying to price cut this stuff! A lot of these guys don’t seem to understand that ten times zero is still zero. Nobody can live off of zero. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, sell their service and sell their product.

Demilec: How important do you feel that quality is?

Daren: People use us because of the quality of our product, our timeliness, and our clean up. Our product is pretty and it’s never off-ratio. We seal everything up tight with no cracks left open. We offer people mechanical consultations throughout the building phase of the house or building. We counsel the builder and the general contractor about HVAC sizing to prevent humidity issues. When we leave a place, we leave it immaculate. When we say we will be there Wednesday, we show up on Wednesday. People will pay 20% more for timely, clean service.

Demilec: Ok one more question Daren. How would you compare Demilec to other spray foam products that you have used?

Daren: Let me put it like this. We have sprayed lots of different products. Usually we buy a truckload at a time. The last time we bought a truckload of somebody else’s product, we sprayed about 8 sets and made them come back and pick up the other 32 sets. It had red fuzz in it. Somebody left a shop rag in one of the mixing hoppers and it contaminated hundreds of sets. They sent us a replacement truckload of product that they guaranteed was good. About 10 sets in, we were sending it back because the insides of the drums were rusting. They didn’t put a coating on the inside of the drums and they developed a corrosive build up that choked up our equipment. At that point we were done. SEALECTION 500 is the easiest product to apply. There is not a better applying product out there. It’s just a clean product. If you are having a problem, it’s most likely a problem with your applicators. All foam has an odor when it’s being applied, but with Demilec that odor goes away when it dries. We’ve had other products that smelled like clay. I can walk in some of those homes after 5 years and I still smell that odor. That’s why I stay with Demilec.

Demilec: Well we are definitely glad to have you as a customer Daren and we look forward to having you around for many years to come. Thank you for your time.

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