DEMILEC (USA) LLC®'S SEALECTION Agribalance® is the insulation-of-choice for the Water House Project

Posted By DEMILEC || 28-Jul-2011

Arlington, TX, June 30, 2011– DEMILEC (USA) LLC.’s SEALECTION Agribalance open-cell spray foam insulation has been selected as the insulation-of-choice for the Water House. The Water House is a sustainable demonstration house built to show case water conservation practices and local green building innovations in Portland, Oregon.

SEALECTIONAgribalance spray foam insulation was selected for use in the Water House because of its extreme energy efficient properties. SEALECTION Agribalance contains more than 10% renewable agricultural-based materials (refined vegetable oils) in the resin and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, CFCs, HCFCs, fibers, formaldehyde or asbestos SEALECTION Agribalance was installed by Western Spray Foam in the Portland area.

For more information on product application, please contact Western Spray Foam at or by phone at (503) 661-3645.

The Water House is an Earth Advantage®-certified Platinum level and Energy Star®-certified house, plus energy performance features are found from the slab insulation to the Ecoasis solar reflective roof shingles. Throughout the yearlong showcase, the Water House will also be measured for efficiency with an Energy Performance score through the Energy Trust of Oregon – like a mile-per gallon (MPG) carbon rating for the home.

For more information on the Water House, please visit

“We happily participate in these kind of projects because they give consumers an important education about the types of designs and materials they can use to make their homes more energy efficient,” said Dave Lall, chief executive officer (CEO) of DEMILEC (USA) LLC.®. “In the long run, consumers and builders will develop a better understanding of the outstanding value that spray foam insulation offers and why our products are industry leaders.”

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