Fire Safety Update

Posted By DEMILEC || 2-Jun-2011

Concerns of fire on the jobsite is everyone’s business. We at DEMILEC (USA) would like to reduce the chance of accidental fires on the jobsite. Please take the time to review the documents below and share them with your team of applicators.

Six steps for fire safety during construction

Six Steps of Fire Safety

Fire Safety Caution Sign

Hot Work Caution Poster


The combination of the “A” and “B” Components of the rigid spray foam products (HEATLOK and HEATLOK SOY Product lines) creates a chemical reaction that produces heat. Applicators should limit the application of all HEATLOK and HEATLOK SOY products to no more than a thickness of 2 inches per pass (after expansion) to avoid fire hazards (including spontaneous combustion) resulting from excessive heat generation. If subsequent passes are needed, applicators should wait a sufficient time (at least 20 minutes) to allow any reaction heat to dissipate from the prio application, before attempting to reapply the product again.

Processing HEATLOK SOY and HEATLOK products

For any questions related to Fire Safety or the proper processing of HEATLOK or HEATLOK SOY products, please contact your local Technical Service Representative at (817) 640-4900.

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