Tech Tip - Spraying Foam in Cold Weather

Posted By DEMILEC || 21-Nov-2011


With the cold weather upon us, I feel the need to remind everyone about some of the following things that will help insure good foam is being applied and equipment problems are minimized.


  • Try to store drums/rig in an environment of 60- 80 degrees F.
  • Keep drums off of concrete floors and do not store in any room where the temperature can go below 60 degrees F.
  • If you have a heated rig, try to stock the material the night before so that it will be warm at the start of your next day.
  • Store grease & clear-shot in a warm area as these items will tend to be very thick and could cause some gun issues


  • Whatever the temperature is in the rig, will become that temperature of Hoses, grease, clear shot, hydraulic oil and everything in the rig. Longer start-up times will result if the rig is cold. Air, hose and recirculation lines can freeze if the trailer is not kept warm.
  • Try to keep drums off the floor as they will absorb the cold. Put on a pallet, build a 2×4 frame and fill with foam plywood deck to insulate the drums. Some applicators prefer to foam the underside of the truck/trailer body to keep the floor warm.
  • Invest in some nice space heaters, drum blankets…etc. Drum Band heaters are not recommended.
  • Drum BlanketKeep your truck/trailer as close to the jobsite entrance as possible. A roll of fiberglass batt material can be used to put under any hose that will be laying on cold pavement or snow. (this will help keep it warm)
  • If possible, get your truck / generator serviced before the cold months. If your generator doesn’t have a heat plug, get one.
  • Using a re-circulation system is of prime importance in the winter months to bring open cell resin drum temperatures up to improve foam performance and yield.
  • You will generally have more stuff plugged in so check all outlets and extension cords. Service or replace if necessary.
  • A drum mixer is also required to keep material mixed, aerated and help provide a uniform drum temperature.

Contact your DemilecUSA Technical Service Representative with any questions or issues.

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