Technical Tip - Connecting Rods

Posted By DEMILEC || 31-Oct-2011

Connecting RodWhen maintaining your Reactor, one of the quick things to check on the E-series machines is the connecting rods. These are the rods that connect the motor to the displacement pumps, located on the side of the machine. If the bearings on the connecting rods begin to work their way out, they could begin to seize the pump and burn up the motor as well as the control board.

Inspect the connecting rods and bearing on a regular basis. Use a Phillips head screw driver and remove the plastic bearing housing cover from the A and the B side of the Reactor. Inspect the bearings and apply a liberal amount of marine grease on the bearings and working parts of the connecting rod as needed. Re-install the plastic covers to ensure dust and or debris does not come in contact with the outer components of the connecting rod or displacement pump.

For more information see Graco Manual: 312066N, page 28.

As always read, understand and follow all instruction manuals and warning labels supplied with all equipment. Only trained and qualified personnel should perform repairs on the equipment. To access the latest equipment manuals visit

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