Demilec (USA) Passes Hurricane Uplift Testing with Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams

Posted By DEMILEC || 27-Sep-2011

Spraying foam insulationDemilec USA is proud to announce that SEALECTION Agribalance®, as well as HEATLOK SOY® 200 have passed the TAS 202 Static Air Pressure Test and exceeded the performance criteria of the TAS-203 Cyclic Wind Pressure Test for both the state of Florida and Miami-Dade County. SEALECTION Agribalance® is the first open cell foam to pass these stringent tests and be eligible for use as a hurricane adhesive, as well as a high R-value spray foam insulation. HEATLOK SOY® 200 passed the TAS-203 testing with over 3 times the minimum code requirement for a hurricane adhesive, and exceeded the capacity of the test equipment causing the chamber to fail.

SEALECTION Agribalance® and HEATLOK SOY® 200 have proven that they bond the roof deck and trusses together, helping to prevent storm damage and provide increased wind uplift resistance. Dave Feitl, National Sales Manager for DEMILEC (USA), stated “We’ve always known that Demilec’s products add to the structural integrity of the building. We now have verified third party proof of their strength through independent lab testing. I am confident that HEATLOK SOY® 200 and SEALECTION Agribalance® should be used as a standard, not just in hurricane prone areas, but also in places with high straight-line winds, tornadoes and any areas with high wind conditions.”

As well as increasing the structural integrity of your home, SEALECTION Agribalance® and HEATLOK SOY® 200 provide a high R-value insulation that can be used to insulate the entire structure without switching to a different insulation product. Both products contain renewable content, zero ozone depleting chemicals and can help your LEED project accumulate a significant number of points. SEALECTION Agribalance® and HEATLOK SOY® 200 are ideal hurricane adhesive and insulation solutions for both new construction and retrofit applications. For more information about HEATLOK SOY® 200, SEALECTION Agribalance® and DEMILEC (USA), please call (877) 336-4543 or visit our website at www.

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