Tech Tip - Refinishing Metal Side Seals

Posted By DEMILEC || 28-Feb-2012

** Note -This method of refinishing metal side seals is to finish a day or job. The metal parts will no longer have the factory finish and may scratch again. **

Materials Needed:
Hard flat surface - example: marble or granite tile sample.
Fine grit sand paper - 1000, 1500 or 2000 grit. (Lower grit sandpaper may damage the metal surfaces)

Side Seal Side Seal

Place the sandpaper on the smooth hard surface. You may want to wet the sandpaper to achieve a better finish. Only use two – three drops of water. Hold the side seal with your finger tips and sand the scratched surface on the sandpaper. Use a figure eight pattern to refinish. Do not slide the side seal front to back; this will create fine scratches on the surface. It is very important to apply equal pressure to the side seal on all sides to ensure a flat and smooth finish. If the side seal is angled this will damage the part and the gun will not work properly causing it to leak. Before reinstalling the side seal, inspect the oring and change it if damaged. Make sure the side seal is clean of contaminants such as chemical or metal shavings. Grease all gun parts with Graco white lithium grease and assemble the gun. Always trigger the gun 5 times before opening the 5/16 nut driver fittings. This seats the side seals and mixing chamber before the pressure valves are opened.

Please contact your local Technical Service Representative with any questions.

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