SEALECTION® 500 passed AC 377 Appendix X test

Posted By DEMILEC || 20-Jan-2012

Spray foam application Demilec USA is pleased to announce that SEALECTION® 500 has passed the AC 377 Appendix X test, covered by only 5 wet mils (3 dry mils) of Blazelok™ IB4 intumescent coating. The official test report will be available for release within the next 2 weeks. The successful passing of the test allows SEALECTION® 500 to be installed in attics and crawlspaces at thicknesses of 7-1/4” on vertical surfaces and 11-1/4” on the horizontal surfaces, in one pass, with a coating of 5 wet mils of Blazelok™ IB4. At 5 wet mils, a 5 gallon pail of Blazelok™ IB4 will cover approximately 1600ft². At this rate of coverage, Demilec claims the SEALECTION® 500 and Blazelok™ IB4 system is an extremely cost competitive means of staying code compliant.

“This advance in technology shows Demilec USA’s commitment to finding the most cost effective means of meeting the intent of the code” said Dave Feitl, National Sales Manager of Demilec USA. “Our commitment continues as our research centers develop market changing technology for the future.”

According to Demilec, Blazelok™ IB4 is a cost effective, high coverage ignition barrier substitute developed by TPR². TPR2 is a company developed to provide revolutionary products and solutions for fire, heat, thermal and safety issues that a multiple of industries face today. TPR2 understands the importance as well as the cost of the new fire/safety codes being imposed on the marketplace.

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