August Parts Special - 10% Off Bullard Hoods, Replacement Hoods & Cool Tubes

Posted By DEMILEC || 31-Jul-2012

10B-Hood-HP Mask
P/N: 10B-Hood-HP
List Price: $96.24
Sale Price: $86.62
Replacement 20TICN Hood
P/N: 10B-20TICN
List Price: $31.54
Sale Price: $28.39
Bullard Cool Tube
P/N: 10B-AC1000
List Price: $176.46
Sale Price: $158.81

The summer heat is in full effect and no relief is in sight. The past 12 months have been the warmest in US recorded history and it keeps getting hotter. Heat exhaustion is a very real and can be prevented by taking some simple steps. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take regular breaks from spraying. Having two sprayers who alternate on a jobsite can help boost productivity and avoid trips to the hospital.

Did you know that a Bullard Cool Tube can help save the day? A Bullard Cool Tube can cool incoming air from breathing systems up to 30 degrees! Furthermore, you can tuck your hood’s bib into your chemical resistant suit which will cool your body as well. If you utilize a high pressure breathing system with a hood and have 5 cfm available then you are a candidate. A more comfortable applicator is a more effective applicator and with the current discount, you can’t go wrong!

*Pricing good for the month of August 2012 only. Contact the Demilec USA Parts and Equipment Division at (877) 336-4532 to purchase one today!

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