Safety Tip - Safety During Proportioner Maintenance

Posted By DEMILEC || 30-Nov-2012

Diagnostic and troubleshooting:

While working with Spray foam proportioners or auxiliary equipment it is necessary to perform routine maintenance in order to keep the equipment operational. Before performing any maintenance to any electrical components or the fluid side, special precaution should be taken to avoid serious injury or death.

Electrical Maintenance:

Before removing any shrouding or the electrical cabinet door make sure to disconnect the proportioner form any power source and lock out the main power switch. Also pay close attention to the capacitor as it may hold a charge for sometime after the proportioner has been turned off. To discharge the capacitor, hold an insulated handle screw driver across the contacts on the end of the capacitor; continue holding for approx two seconds to complete discharging.


NOTE: A small spark may issue from the contact points and screwdriver.
NOTE: Pay close attention to wire numbers and label as necessary, when removed.

Fluid Section Maintenance:

Before removing any fluid sections, fittings, hoses, etc. be sure and relieve the proportioning equipment of any fluid pressure.

  • Park proportioner and close ball valves.
  • Turn main power off.
  • Remove air from transfer pumps.
  • Turn pressure relief valves to relieve any remaining pressure. Make sure the analog gauges drop to 0.

Proportioner Safety

NOTE: Equipment surfaces and fluid within the proportioner may become very hot during operation. Wait until equipment and fluid has completely cooled before maintenance or repair.

As always read, understand and follow all instruction manuals and warning labels supplied with all equipment. Only trained and qualified personnel should perform repairs on the equipment. To access the latest equipment manuals visit

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