Safety Tip - New Online CPI Health & Safety Course

Posted By DEMILEC || 31-Oct-2012

Spray foam application workerFor the past three years Demilec USA, LLC has been working with industry associates through the Spray Polyurethane Alliance (SPFA) and the Spray Foam Coalition (SFC), of the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Center for Polyurethane Industries (CPI). Together we have developed an online training course covering the basic knowledge required for every spray foam helper, warehouse worker and applicator in America who works with SPF. This Spray Polyurethane Foam Chemical Health and Safety Training provides information about the use, handling and disposal of SPF, potential health hazards and appropriate control measures, including engineered controls and personal protective equipment (PPE). The training provides guidance to applicators and helpers who apply professional grade, high-pressure SPF in either interior or exterior applications.

Since safety is the highest priority to DEMILEC (USA), we request all spray foam applicators spraying DEMILEC Spray Foam Products complete the online CPI Health & Safety course. The knowledge conveyed through this basic course is fundamental to working safely with our products and as the current industry certification standard, we must verify that every contractor has passed the CPI online certification course. This is a very convenient format where the new student registers with an email address then takes the 10-minute modules at his or her convenience until all are complete before taking a simple test. If the entire course is taken in one sitting it requires only about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Please use the link below to access the course.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate number. Please contact DEMILEC with this number so it can be added to your account information. Be sure to print your wallet card and wall certificate and display them proudly.

man in saftly suitSPFA, our SPF contractors’ trade association, will soon have a more advanced third-party administered certification class for helpers, installers, master installers and project managers, and this CPI chemical health and safety training will be a prerequisite to registration. We’ll pass on information about the roll out of this ANSI/ISO accredited training and certification program as it becomes available, and we encourage all Demilec contractors and applicators to attain the highest level of certification possible. We have worked hard along with dozens of industry professionals over the years to develop this training and worker certification process and we believe those who are most serious about working safely and profitably will soon earn these prestigious certifications.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Demilec Territory Manager. All of our field staff have taken or are in the process of taking CPI certification course and they can offer guidance in the simple process of registering and taking the online course.

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