Tech Tip - Avoiding Foam Shrinkage

Posted By DEMILEC || 31-Oct-2012

Moisture Reader
Getting ready to spray foam on a surface that has moisture on it sometimes can make the foam shrink back from the studs and or peel off of the surface that you are trying to spray against. It is very important to check the moisture on the surface that you are applying the foam to, for insentience wood , metal , concrete . To make sure that the surface is not to moist so that the foam doesn’t pull away. The surface should be 19% or less . You want to make sure that you buy a moisture reader that can read all of these surfaces.

To go along with this in the winter months you also want to make sure that the substrate is warm enough for the foam to bond to the surface. Also always make sure the pressure on the gauges on the machine are always equal to each other to insure the foam is properly applied , because if they are off this could make the foam shrink when it hits it first cold weather and you will hear the foam cracking. So always have somebody making sure that the gauges are running equal and there is no blockage on one side or the other.

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