Tech Tip - Coating Yields

Posted By DEMILEC || 27-Sep-2012

Determining yields on coatings is not unlike determining yields on spray foam, The following hold true for both:

Wet Mil Gauge(1) Smoothness of surface

(2) Material temperature

(3) Thickness applied

(4) Equipment & tip size used

(5) Sprayer experience

For all of our recommended coatings, there is a Data sheet with specs listed for that product.

If the specs are not followed, yields will change.

Sprayer experience is also very important. Measuring thickness’s correctly with a Millage Scale is part of this experience. Knowing and understanding spraying with different tip sizes and pressures for a specified coating, recognizing changes in irregular surface profiles and covering only what has been specified. Coating wood members while spraying over foam reduces yield. If it’s not specified to be coated, then it shouldn’t be coated.

NOTE: Follow instructions….have proper equipment…the more you spray the better you get.

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