Safety Tip - Eye Protection

Posted By DEMILEC || 30-Apr-2013

GogglesAccording to the American Academy of Ophthalmology there are more than 2.5 million eye injuries each year throughout the United States, of which 50,000 people permanently lose part or all of their vision. Eye injuries are a significant problem in the workplace and can be prevented by taking appropriate measures. According to the AAO 90% of all eye accidents can be prevented by wearing ANSI approved eye protection.

  • When working in or around spray foam equipment, safety glasses and or shields should be worn at all times. Pneumatic auxiliary equipment is common in all spray rigs and can send sharp bursts of air at any time, which may send dust and debris airborne.
  • When cleaning application spray guns or conducting general equipment maintenance, solvents, oils and debris can accidentally splash into the eyes and cause permanent damage.
  • While applicator assistants are shaving or grinding excessive foam from walls and ceiling eye protection must be used. It is important to use sealed eye protection and inhalation protection when around foam dust and debris.

Construction is among the leading industries for eye injury and makes up for 61.2 percent of all accidents. Stay protected by simply wearing ANSI approved eye protection at all times when entering areas which present hazards.

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