Safety Tip - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guide for Spray Foam Applicators

Posted By DEMILEC || 30-Aug-2013

While working with chemicals or applying spray polyurethane foam products it is important to provide a safe working environment for the applicators and applicator assistants. It is important for workers to understand and adhere to safe handling practices for any chemical that poses a health hazard. The work area should be controlled and restricted to personal who are directly working in the area where products are being applied, who have completed the required training, and are wearing the necessary PPE.

Protective Equipment

In most cases the appropriate minimum PPE for high pressure application is respiratory protection including eye and face protection, hooded spray suite, and chemical resistant gloves. The specific types of PPE may vary depending on the type of job and application. A complete list of the necessary and job appropriate PPE can be found in the Product Stewardship Workbook for SPF application:

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