DEMILEC (USA) LLC® Donates Insulation to Help Make Hope Elephant's New Classroom a Reality

Posted By DEMILEC || 24-Jan-2013

man and elephant DEMILEC (USA) has partnered with Blue Sphere Energy Solutions, LLC to insulate the new classroom addition to the Hope Elephant Facility located in Hope, Maine. Hope Elephants is a unique facility which cares for retired elephants and provides education programming about elephants and conservation. DEMILEC (USA) will donate it’s HEATLOK SOY® 200 spray foam insulation, while Blue Sphere Energy Solutions, LLC, located in Searsmont, Maine will donate the labor to make the new 500 sq. ft. classroom a reality.

“When I was first contacted by Hope Elephants about this project, they hadn’t even finished telling me how big the classroom was or even the location before I had volunteered to donate our services,” Tina Fort, Co-Owner of Blue Sphere Energy Solutions, LLC.

Welcome to our facility “Hope Elephants will enjoy the benefits of DEMILEC (USA)’s HEATLOK SOY 200 spray foam insulation including lower utility bills because our insulation is extremely energy-efficient, said Dave Lall, Vice President & General Manger, DEMILEC (USA) LLC.

Rosie and Opal, a pair of aging and injured retired circus elephants, receive state-of-the-art physical therapy and nutritional support in a purpose-built habitat dedicated to their needs. School children and others of all ages experience elephants in a way unavailable anywhere else in the country. The goal of Hope Elephants; educational program is to inspire visitors to act upon their experience and find their own path to participate in wildlife conservation. The new classroom will help to achieve this goal. Also helping Hope Elephants with the new classroom construction and working with Blue Sphere Energy Solutions, LLC with this project is John Davee (president) of Maine Coast Construction.

About Blue Sphere Energy Solutions
Blue Sphere Energy Solutions, LLC a BPI certified insulation services company dba. RH Price purchased R.H. Price & Co. Inc., which has been in business for 30+ years, in 2011 by owners Dennis Nutile and Tina Fort. The insulation services provided are a well rounded spectrum of DEMELEC (USA) LLC. ® Spray foam products and various insulation fiber products. Dennis and Tina moved from Connecticut and now live in Maine after the purchase of their new business acquisition. There hopes are to continue to develop the business’s quality, energy services and products for the local Maine community. The original founder Mr. Robert Price provides consultation services for Blue Sphere Energy Solutions, LLC. To contact Blue Sphere for insulation services call 207-342-3140 or go to their website at

About Hope Elephants
Hope Elephants is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit solely reliant on donors for its funding. The organization is planning two summer fund-raising events; for more information, go to

DEMILEC (USA) LLC.® is a manufacturer of an energy efficient line of spray foam insulation products that include brands such as SEALECTION® 500, SEALECTION Agribalance® and HEATLOK SOY®. Anyone seeking more information about DEMILEC (USA) LLC® or its products can visit or call 1-877-DEMILEC (336-4532).

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