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Posted By DEMILEC || 24-Jan-2013

stop signEverywhere we turn or look today we are faced with seeing some kind of sign. Some signs advertise a sale, some signs point you in the right direction, and some signs are warning us of danger so that we do not harm ourselves or worse.

Today we take signs for granted. Pulling into an intersection, we automatically look for a stop sign or traffic light to direct us through safely so we don’t get in an accident. Imagine if there were no STOP SIGNS…

As owners and sprayers of a chemical that can be a health issue to not only yourselves but to those who come in contact with either the raw material or the space where it is being applied. We have an obligation to make sure our work area is well posted with signs, warning others of the danger ahead. Having the proper PPE and signage, our work area will become a safe place for all.

Warning SignA Respirator required sign should be in plain view and at a location 25ft from where the spraying is being done. The sign should be at any location of entry to the work area. Look around your work area and determine the locations for these signs.

You as the sprayer want to make your work area a safe one for all.

Notice SIgnSafety glasses should be worn by anyone who is in the work area. As you know, the process of spraying foam creates a certain amount of particles floating in the air that will get on anything and everything including your eyes. If it is bad enough, you will experience what is known as BLUE HAZE.

This is due to overspray attaching and coating your eyes. It gives you a vision like looking at something surrounded in smoke. It isn’t permanent and will usually go away in a day or two.

caution tapeCaution Tape is available in several sizes and color. Black and yellow seem to be the most prominent one used. Close in your entire work area to keep others out. Everyone loves to watch the foam guy spray this magical liquid on the wall and watch it swell up to fill the cavity. Surround your staging or lift so you can concentrate on spraying and not have to watch them. If you think it’s necessary, you can also in-circle your truck or trailer. These are just a sampling of the signs that are available. The more you can keep others out of your work area the safer it will become.


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