Tech Tip - Protecting Your Hose From the Elements

Posted By DEMILEC || 30-Jan-2013

hoseOne of the largest investments on your equipment is your heated hose. Dragging it in and out of your truck and across the ground to the job site can damage it in many ways.

Nails, sharp rocks and metal banding laying around on the site can cut through the scuff jacket and eventually cut into the butyl lining causing either a leak in your hose or the more common problem of cutting or breaking your TSU (Temperature Sensing Unit) wire causing you to have hose heat issues.

Hose ProtectionBe very careful when carrying in your hose or dragging it around in the house. Keep it out of water and up off of the cold ground when possible. One easy way of protecting your hose is to visit your local fire department. Explain what it is that you do and ask them if they have any old fire hose around that you can have. They are required to change out their hose periodically and they are usually open to giving it away.

Remove the rubber lining for weight saving and slid it over your spray hose. This scuff jacket is extremely strong and will protect your hose from almost all elements. Both 3” and 1 ½” hoses are available, which can be used on your whip hose.

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