Safety Tip - Gloves

Posted By DEMILEC || 29-Jul-2013

Safety gloves

Choosing the right gloves to protect your hands, is an essential part for working with spray Polyurethane foam. You want to be able to have the chemical resistance, plus the ability to move your fingers. Not wearing gloves that are not chemical resistance safety gloveswill cause exposure to the chemical we process daily. Gloves made of neoprene, nitrile, PVC or butyl generally provide adequate protection. Gloves that have the rubber palm and cotton back are also acceptable.

Safety gloves Wear GlovesYou should always wear the right size glove. Gloves that are too small or too big may not provide adequate protection when handling chemicals.

Remember to read the MSDS sheets before handling any chemicals. If you are exposed to any chemicals please follow the MSDS instructions for exposure.

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