Tech Tip - Overspray, A Contractor's Worst Nightmare

Posted By DEMILEC || 29-Jul-2013

What is Overspray? Do we protect against it, or prevent it? How do we fix overspray damage when it occurs?

The object of any spray foam or coatings project is to confine the sprayed material to the intended target such as the walls or roof. However, in the real world, not all of the sprayed material always makes it to the exact place the applicator, customer or job itself calls for. Most targets for overspray are windows bath fixtures cars and other contractors tools. There are several reasons for overspray, a missed aimed trigger pull, spraying too far from your target , wind, etc.

There are several products on the market for removing overspray such as clay bars and others found at your local hardware store but when removing overspray from cars, use a professional to keep from further damage.

Just remember keep autos away from spray projects, cover ,tape, and protect.

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