Safety Tip - Skin Injection / High Pressure Hazard

Posted By DEMILEC || 26-Jun-2013

An injury caused by high-pressure liquid can be serious. If you are injured or even suspect injury, do you know what to do? Do your employees know what to do?

Graco has a Medical Information Card that provides valuable information to the injured person and to his or her physician in the critical time period immediately following an injury.

Please be sure to review this information with your employees and ensure that each applicator has this card on his or her person. This card is included in the box with each new Fusion AP gun. Additional cards can be obtained at no cost by calling Graco at 1-800-328-0211 and requesting part number 222385.

Here are the steps should you and your employees should take if you are injured or even suspect an injury:

  • Go to an emergency room immediately
  • Tell the doctor you suspect an injection injury
  • Show him the Graco Medical Information Card (Part Number 222385) which will provide a note to the physician on how to treat the injury
  • Tell the physician what type of material you were spraying

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