Designing Spaces Chooses Demilec APX to Insulate Young Couple's Home

Posted By DEMILEC || 6-May-2013

InsulateRecently, Demilec USA’s newest product, Demilec APX, was featured in an episode of the popular television series Designing Spaces on the Lifetime network. The project was a joint effort between Demilec USA, Demilec Authorized Contractor NOVA Spray Foam Insulation, Home Energy Detectives and the American Chemistry Council’s Spray Foam Coalition. The project consisted of a spray foam retrofit of the Kitfield family’s existing home, along with an energy audit to show how home leakage changed as a result of adding spray foam to the attic and the band joist in the basement. Home Energy Detectives performed a blower door test, with the results of the test showing a 60% decrease in air infiltration after the spray foam retrofit.

Demilec USA donated their new Demilec APX spray foam insulation product to the project. Demilec APX is a revolutionary new spray foam insulation that can be sprayed in attics and crawlspaces without the need of an ignition barrier. In addition to its increased fire safety, Demilec APX also provides all of the benefits of open cell spray foam insulation including excellent air sealing properties, improved sound attenuation and resistance to mold and moisture infiltration. Grant Ostvig, Southeast Regional Manager for Demilec USA, was on the scene for the project and had this to say: “We were really excited, after years of developing and testing the product, to see Demilec APX used in a high profile project such as this. Mr. Kitfield is a former crew chief of Marine One, the president’s helicopter. Just as he devoted part of his life to serving our country, we hope that Demilec’s products can serve his family through increased energy efficiency and improved fire safety.”

The installation and labor was provided by NOVA Spray Foam Insulation, a Demilec Authorized Contractor located in Loudoun County, Virginia. NOVA Spray Foam has been in business since 2006, and takes pride in the fact that they deal exclusively with spray foam insulation products. Ken Thacker, owner of NOVA Spray Foam, stated “We were very excited to work on the project. The Kitfield family is a wonderful young couple and we were really happy to be able to be able to help them lower the energy bills for their home. The DC area has a lot of small, older homes that many people are currently looking to add on to. We have done a lot of spray foam retrofit work on these additions, as well as work on the existing attics. Often with the addition, the homeowner doubles the size of their home, can keep their existing heating and cooling system, and cut their energy bill in half by using spray foam insulation. We are looking forward to following up with the Kitfield family in late spring and fall, to see what kind of energy savings they realized.”

The project was sponsored and coordinated by the American Chemistry Council’s Spray Foam Coalition. The Spray Foam Coalition is an industry organization that works to educate homeowners, contractors, builders, architects and government officials on the benefits of spray polyurethane foam. Allyson Wilson, a representative from the American Chemistry Council, appears in the segment to explain how spray foam insulation can not only lower energy bills and increase comfort, but also contribute to a healthier indoor air environment than traditional insulation methods.

For more information about Demilec USA or Demilec APX, visit the Demilec website or give us a call at (888) 224-1533. If you are in the DC area and would like a quote from NOVA Spray Foam Insulation, contact them through their website at or by calling (703)404-2224. For general information about the benefits of spray foam insulation, visit

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