Safety Tip - Caring for Your PPE

Posted By DEMILEC || 28-May-2013

Keeping your sprayers safe is the number 1 priority. Make sure that all of your PPE is properly cared for. Always have eye protection, gloves and the proper coveralls on your rig at all times.

Make sure that any of your workers that wear cartridge respirators have been properly fit tested. Cartridges are only good for 8 hrs. of exposure. This DOES NOT mean 8 hrs. of spraying time. Once the cartridge has been fresh air systemremoved from its original package, the 8 hrs. starts. Keep a log on the truck when a set of cartridges have been handed out.

Fresh air systems must be calibrated once a month by a qualified crew member. View the video on how to calibrate the A.I.R. System.

air pumpFresh air pumps must have the filters inspected and changed after 40 hrs. of use and the outlet filters should be replaced every 200 hrs. or sooner if needed.

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