Tech Tip - Fusion Gun Maintenance

Posted By DEMILEC || 29-May-2013

repair kitEnsuring that your Fusion spray gun is properly maintained is imperative to get the job done quickly and efficiently. To often we that guns are not working properly, but they have not been disassembled in weeks. There are 21 different O-Rings in a Fusion gun. Keeping them clean and greased is important to maintain smooth operation of all working parts.

Is your trigger slow? Have you checked the trigger assembly or the piston O-Rings? Pulling your gun apart every couple of weeks or once a month is a good idea to ensure a properly working gun.

Look for flat spots, cracks or chips out of the O-Rings. Replace if needed and grease them before reassembling the gun. O-Rings may be purchased as a complete rebuild kit or in individual packages of 6 each.

As always read, understand and follow all instruction manuals and warning labels supplied with all equipment. Only trained and qualified personnel should perform repairs on the equipment. To access the latest equipment manuals visit

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