Technical Tip - Spray Gun Cleanliness

Posted By DEMILEC || 26-Nov-2013

spray gun tipOne thing that often times is not considered when preparing to start applying foam is keeping the spray gun clean. That is until there’s a problem midday and the gun needs to come apart for maintenance.

When the time comes to disassemble the spray gun for routine maintenance, or simply to check a gun filter or change the mixing chamber, don’t waste time removing hardened foam; protect the spray gun before application begins.

Ways to help protect spray guns from overspray:

  • Graco Fusion gun cover, part# 244914 (10 pk.)
  • Spray suit shoe/boot covers cut a boot cover from bottom of a spray suit.
    • Cut a small slit at the front-end of the cover.
    • Slide the cover over the spray gun, ensuring the cut-end will fit tightly over the retaining ring at the front of the spray gun.
    • Once the cover is in place, cut a small slit at the back of the gun cover for the safety lock.

spray gun cleanliness spray gun cleanliness Ways to help protect spray guns from overspray Ways to help protect spray guns from overspray

As always read, understand and follow all instruction manuals and warning labels supplied with all equipment. Only trained and qualified personnel should perform repairs on the equipment. To access the latest equipment manuals visit

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