Safety Tip - Keep It Warm Safely

Posted By DEMILEC || 30-Oct-2013

HeaterWith the coming of cooler winter months and the need to have warm drum temperatures to produce quality foam and maximize yields the electric heaters come out and everyone overlooks the safety aspects that go along with the use of these types of heaters.

Extension cords which are used to plug in these heaters most likely lay on the floor and become a trip hazard and a costly OSHA fine if you are inspected. Outlets should be GFCI protected. Many cords aren’t rated high enough and will get really hot and can short out the standard outlet and cause a fire. These heaters can tip over causing a fire. But most of the time there is a lot of stuff around them that is flammable such as spray cans, cleaners, rags…etc.

Keep WarmThere are a number of different types of drum heaters that are 100% safe such as thermostatic controlled drum blankets, bands…etc. Make sure your generator is serviced for the winter and produces enough power to run them.

Drum HeatersAnother means and a safe one is to have a hot room in your warehouse where drums can be stored safely and heated at the same time. This guarantees that when needed the material will be warm and ready to spray.

Some warehouses are big enough to bring the rig inside which is perfectly OK. Use common sense when storing and heating and your spray rig, warehouse and business will keep running smoothly and safely.

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