Due to its ability to outlast paint and fight off corrosion, Demilec’s polyurea coatings are being used on bridges other and structures. The market for using polyureas as a lining for manholes is also rapidly growing. This is in part because polyurea coating provides solutions to issues such as groundwater infiltration, installation speed, and lining and structural repair, which is needed for many municipal and private water systems.

Polyurea coatings are more durable than paint, and typically last much longer and therefore do not need maintenance as often as paint does. Polyurea coatings are often used for flooring and parking decks because of their rapid turnaround installation capabilities. Polyurea coatings have similar uses in architectural design to theme park applications. It is used as a protective coating applied over spray foam insulation to create ornamental fascia. These coatings are also being used to line liquid containment railcars for their waterproofing and chemical resistance benefits. Hopper style railcars have benefited from the strength of polyurea coatings and its ability to resist abrasion. These cars often transport coal, sand, and other abrasive materials, polyureas are an ideal choice.

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