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Both our spray foam insulation, and our polyurea and intumescent coatings are used in the following applications: Poultry sheds, pig farms, , refinery tanks, pipes and refracting towers, exterior decorative sculptures (such as sharks, octopi, large fish, etc.), filling in cave entrances, domes, ice holds in ships and fishing boats, flotation buoys, masts of ships (for structural strength), floating docks, cryogenic buildings (extreme cold storage, minus 60 degrees F), crawl spaces of commercial buildings, picture framing metal buildings to keep the roof and walls from blowing away during storms, mine shaft entrances & tunnels, structural support for fighter jets, shock absorption in mine fields for tanks, portable blow up buildings in remote areas, cold storage facilities, processing plants, and warehouses.

Make the energy and cost-efficient choice with our innovative spray foam technology.

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