DEMILEC Inc. wins the Government's 2010 Phénix de l'environnement

National Assembly of Quebec, June 2nd 2010

DEMILEC inc. - an environmentally responsible North American leader in polyurethane foam systems- is the 2010 Quebec award recipient of the "Phénix de l'environnement" from the Government of Quebec (Responsible Consumption).

For the past thirteen years, the «Phénix de l'environnement» contest has been aiming at recognizing remarkable actions made in Quebec and of which the priority is the conservation and the sustainable use of resources combined with the preservation of our quality of life. DEMILEC innovates with its new generation of high performance environmentally friendly insulating material by bringing a green solution up to the challenges imposed by the application of the Montreal Protocol. The use of these insulating foams permits a reduction in energy consumption of up to 50%, while increasing at the same time the comfort and the quality of life of the inhabitants.

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