Innovative Project: Net Zero House, Equilibrium

Energy savings can be achieved with an exceptional building envelope and a superior airtightness. HEATLOK SOYA was then an obvious choice. HEATLOK SOYA is the insulation product with the highest R-value in the industry which is R-6/inch. In addition, it acts as an air barrier and a vapor barrier which allows a high efficiency of the building envelope in a one step application. Le Soleil is completely insulated with HEATLOK SOYA. The R-40 insulation for walls, R-70 for the roof and a building total of 0,4 air change per hour allows the achievement of key objectives: to provide a healthy living environment for its occupants and reduce energy consumption to the minimum.

Demilec is proud to be associated with an innovative project of this quality.

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A Legacy of Leadership and Success

Since 1983, Demilec Canada has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions and premium polyurethane products and systems for the spray foam insulation industry. During that time we have established a widely-recognized reputation as a leader in the polyurethane system field for our high quality products and market development.

Our corporate headquarters and 80,000-square-foot research and manufacturing facility on the North Shore area of Montreal is the heart of our Canadian operations. From our state-of-the-art facility, we service commercial and residential builders and developers throughout Canada.

In 1997, the Demilec Group expanded our operations by establishing a business operations and manufacturing site in the United States. Working in conjunction with our American facility and with more than 165 employees, we now service customers throughout North America and overseas. In December 2010, DEMILEC USA begins the construction of a new facility in Arlington, Texas.

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