HEATLOK SOYA, more than just basement insulation

The basement is often a problem area: high humidity, flooding, mold…. With the new energy requirements in the Ontario and Quebec Building Code, in some requirements it is now mandatory to insulate below the concrete slab. The insulation must have a minimum value of R-5 or R10 over the full surface. Furthermore, protection against underground gases (subsection 9.13.4 of the NBC and SB-9 for OBC), mainly Radon gas, must be installed to comply with these requirements. HEATLOK®SOYA provides insulation and a perfect seal in a single application keeping the occupants warm inside and underground gases, namely radon, outside.

To see the perfromance test against Radon gas, see Demilec's video gallery.

Launched in 2006, HEATLOK®SOYA is a product made in Canada manufactured with 7,5% recycled plastic bottles. To date, Demilec has recycled over 300 000 000 591ml plastic bottles. The installation generates zero waste, zero trash on the jobsite and the product adapts to all surfaces, shapes and volume. There is no packaging, the system is sold in liquid form in returnable or recyclable containers.

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