Sealection ® 500

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    Today’s Answer to Next-Generation’s Design and Environmental Challenges

    Sealection® 500 is an open-cell, semi-rigid spray foam insulation that provides architects, builders, and contractors greater flexibility and helps produce better results when designing single or multifamily residences. It also creates competitive advantages and substantial cost-savings for builders of new or retro-fitted homes and multi-family units. Sealection 500 lessens builders' and contractors’ costs by lowering front-end equipment requirements without affecting the quality of the home. For contractors, this water-blown, insulation installs quickly and self-adheres –. It saves time and effort that was needed before Sealection 500 was available, to insulate and air seal hard-to-reach places. In addition to saving time and inconvenience for Canadian contractors, Sealection 500 is an efficient and affordable solution to the growing demands from consumers for more green, energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings.

    Sealection 500 is a cutting-edge formula of open-cell spray foam insulation, which expands 120 times its liquid volume to insulate and seal all cracks, gaps, and joints with a single application, and is easy to install and finish. It fully self-adheres to the substrate, providing a seamless, monolithic air barrier that conforms to irregular shapes and allows for easy detailing around areas where air could penetrate. By reducing the amount of air, dirt, allergens and vapor from entering the building, Sealection 500 also minimizes mold, mildew and wall damage due to condensation or convectional air movement. It also reduces noise pollution because airborne noise can no longer seep through walls or ceilings. The benefits are especially appealing to builders who specialize in high-end homes and multifamily housing complexes.

    Sealection 500's superior thermal value – R-value of 3.81 at 1 inch, reduces the energy needed for heating and cooling buildings, and as a result, smaller, less expensive HVAC units can be used to provide the same degree of temperature control and air quality. Sealection 500 contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, gasses, fibers, or asbestos.

    It meets or exceeds the standards of the National Building Code of Canada, and conforms to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and allows builders and contractors to qualify for additional credits.. The product is also evaluated by National Research Council of Canada (NRC),CCMC 12697-R and .is ECOLOGO Certified.


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    Superior Performance – High Quality – Energy Savings

    Sealection® 500 is an environmentally-friendly spray foam insulation that delivers superior performance and reduced energy savings to homeowners. The semi-rigid, spray foam stop the intrusion of outside allergens and moisture, and promotes a quieter in-home atmosphere by expanding to 120 times its liquid volume to seal cracks, crevices and hollow spaces in walls, ceilings, and attics. It also helps to prevent moisture from creating mold and mildew damage. The benefits are especially noticeable in areas like master bedrooms, media rooms, laundries and plumbing runs. Insulating your home with Sealection 500 allows builders and contractors to typically use smaller HVAC systems, which also saves homeowners energy costs. It contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, gasses, fibers, or asbestos. Sealection 500 meets the standards of the National Building Code of Canada, conforms to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). It is no surprise that cost-conscious Canadian homeowners are turning to Sealection 500 to insulate their homes, provide a more comfortable home for their families, and help the environment by choosing insulation from an environmentally-conscious company.


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